uncataloged web pages

This is an archive of miscellaneous or out-of-date web pages which have been put up from time to time:

· William Whitaker's Words Mac Version
A version of the super amazing Latin translation program that runs on modern Macs. (2015.06.27)
· Musicology Buzzword Bingo!
(contact me for gameboards with the correct fonts) (2007.10.1)
· Rename your securities firm!
NASD on your tail? Problem with investors? Choose a new name from this convenient list. (2007.02.19)
· How fast did I solve the Rubik's Cube?
One of those things you worry about once you've learned to solve it. (2007.01.30)
· Where's that damn book?
Laugh, until you wish you had one for your house... (2007.01.15)
· Postmodernist Bad New Musicology Paper Generator
Only be offended if it resembles something you've written. (If you're cited here, it's a sign of affection). (2006.02.20)
· Chopin music example
Must learn Flash, must learn Flash. (2005.01.15)
· I've done it
Yup, I have. (2005.01.15)
· Biblioteca Cuthbertiana
Yeah, cuz we all want our own libraries. (2004.09.10)
· Who Wants to Be a Musicologist
Reinhold Philban asks "Is that your final answer?" (2000.09.01)
· Ezra Pound Tribute
This was going to be a cool new front page where if you clicked on a line the rest would go away and open up a new page. But then I got sick of black web pages. So it's just a shift-three. (2000.02.10)
· Nach Bach Party
If you threw a party and didn't invite a 300 year old composer, what would that say about you? (2000.02.07)
· Departmental Pics
The real problem is that people keep coming and going faster than I can update this. (1999.11.01)
· 27 Durham Street
No longer looking for subletters. (1999.06.02)
· HCS T-shirts
A 1998 T-shirt with a Y2K joke on it? You know you can't resist. (1998.08.27)
· Service Entrance
Gives the current Harvard Dining Hall menu; was supposed to also have a notepad, but I never finished it. I can't believe this still works. IE only. Maybe NS6. (1998.01.10)
i got these blocks from a website
advertising 'environmentally sensitive heirloom quality children's
block toys'.  20 for $150.  no joke

Michael Scott Cuthbert

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