Biblioteca Cuthbertiana

One of the finest musicological libraries in the greater Medford U-Haul Self-Storage area, the Biblioteca Cuthbertiana is dedicated to the making the great works of musicology inaccessible to scholars throughout the world, but particularly Myke in Rome.

Although diverse in its holdings, the BC is particularly rich in its collection of trecento manuscript facsimilies, research volumes on minimalism, and old undergraduate lecture notes. Contents include:

Finding Aids:

  • Flashlight

Access restrictions and special collections:

Entry to the Biblioteca Cuthbertiana is available to all interested scholars by checking in at the U-Haul front desk, or to anyone with a sufficently good set of bolt-cutters. Assistant librarians, Lisa Friedland and Christina Hodge have the American sets of keys. Branch libraries are located in my old bedroom at my parents' house and stuffed under a table in the basement of Paine Hall.

How to search the BC:

pile of discarded computers

It's easy to use the Biblioteca Cuthbertiana electronic catalog! Simply unpack boxes of computer equipment until you have enough random junk to make a working computer out of it. Then just assemble and find an outlet and an internet connection! We make searching easy.

Or, browse the collection online using this link.
Or, search directly:
(other suggested searches: "Clarinet", "Trecento" or simply the letter "P")
For information about the locations listed, see this map (out of date as of 2010)

ugly box containing Squarcialupi codex
The pride of the Biblioteca Cuthbertiana collection, the beautiful Squarcialupi Codex