Vasarely Patterns

Clarinet (+Bass cl., pedal bass drum)
Percussion (1 player), Electric gtr. (+bass drum)
Piano, Violoncello
Double bass (all but perc. amplified)

Duration: 7 minutes
f.p.: Bang on a Can All-Stars, May 2002
.mp3 Recordings:
Preferred Recording (6.5MB)
(nearly) Un-edited recording (7.8MB)
Program notes
Score (.pdf 1MB)


Two Etudes

Solo viola (or violin)

Duration: 6 or 11 minutes
Score in .pdf format
.mp3 Recording of reading by Rolf Schulte
(violin version, 5MB)


Et Factum Est Vespere Et Mane (Dies Quartus)

High soprano voice, clarinet,
viola, piano

Duration: 3 minutes
Score and recording

in this cold winter

String Quartet

Duration: 10 minutes
Score, notes, and recordings
.pdf of score (0.7MB)


Michael Scott Cuthbert (b. 1976) received his undergraduate and graduate education at Harvard University. Cuthbert is currently visiting Assistant Professor of Music at M.I.T. A musicologist and composer, he has written on fourteenth-century music, in particular Trecento fragments, and trends in composition since 1960, focusing on minimalism. His work has been supported by a Rome Prize Fellowship of the American Academy in Rome. He is an advocate for the use of computers in musicology and in the compositional process.

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